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 “My situation is difficult, it’s very difficult”, Franco Morbidelli


  • "My mistake was obsessing in 2021 with the bikes the other Yamaha riders were racing with instead of getting the maximum out of what I had”.

  • "Of course the current situation stings, it even burns, but it's a challenge and challenges are like that”.

  • "Fabio brakes late but at the same time he has tremendous cornering speed, something at the moment I am not able to do”.

Interviewing a winning rider is very easy because you will be sitting in front of someone who is "doing well". And if they're doing well, you're likely to find someone who is well disposed and eager to talk. On the other hand, interviewing someone who is in trouble is a challenge, because the person in front of you will probably not want to talk to a journalist who, as is his duty, is going to stick his finger in the wound. 

That's exactly the scenario before the interview I had with Franco Morbidelli on Thursday of the GP of the Netherlands. And in this case with the aggravating factor that his teammate, Fabio Quartararo, is the championship leader and the reference rider at the moment. So I thought a lot about how to avoid approaching Morbidelli in a negative way. This is how I started…

"Hi Franco...

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