At PecinoGP we bet on the ‘old normality’ and so before each GP we will recall how things were ‘before’... We want nothing erased from our memory.
Wellcome to the yellow GP... San Marino is one of these races you look forward to arrive. Good weather, relaxed sea side city, fantastic food, huge atmosphere at the track are some of the distinguishing marks of the second Italian GP of the season. It is one of the events you should mark as preferential.
Even though the chances of rain are always much higher than sunshine, even though it's usually cool in the middle of summer, the Silverstone GP is one of our favorites. Its circuit is a marvel, the atmosphere is very special, very racing, the organization professional... and the marshals are super attentive and polite... Oh, Assen!
Welcome to fairytale GP... The Spielberg circuit, now called the Red Bull Ring, formerly the A1 Ring, is set on a valley slope in the Styrian region like the one you see in those famous Empress Sissi movies. In the last seasons the Austrian GP is held immediately after the Czech GP, so, being also in summer, it is a good idea to join the two.
Czech Republic GP, another of the classic venue of the MotoGP calendar. Held in summer it attracted big crowds but the but the inclusion a few years ago of the Austrian GP in the championship, which is held just a week later, has 'emptied' Brno's natural tribunes quite a lot in recent editions. In any case, the Czech GP is till a good summer plan ... and the riders love the circuit!
Here we go, next stop in our MotoGP world traveller personal album... This time the only place in the world where you can find a Che Guevara cola... Or may be you can also have one of these in Cuba. But as long as DORNA doesn't decide to organize a GP there, we won't know.
Do you know that the Dutch GP at Assen is the only GP that has been uninterruptedly in the World Championship calendar since it was first held in 1949? Assen is a symbol for motorcycle lovers and a event that all the riders dream with. Winning in The Cathedral, that is how the Assen circuit is called, is for the riders like getting their PhD.
Mugello ... Italian GP ... We are facing one of our top 3 events of the season. What is so special? We can tell you about its fantastic location in the middle of Tuscany, about the passion of the 'tifosi', about food ... But we will never be able to convey what is the weekend of Mugello; In any case, take a look at our personal album.
Who has not heard of Le Mans? A mythical name in the world of racing that is the home of the French GP, a race held in mid-May and characterized by its unique environment, 100% French.
Fotos Nieto
There are many reasons why the Spanish GP at Jerez is one of our favorite races of the season. Good weather, good food, incredible atmosphere, close racing... Hundreds of thousands bikes flow to Andalusia in the first week of may.
GP of the Americas is another one of those special events on the MotoGP calendar. It is celebrated in Austin, the capital of the state of Texas, where 'everything is bigger' ... and it certainly is. It is very worthwhile, much, to escape to Austin with the excuse of the GP. Here is a sample of it.
The only South American race on the MotoGP calendar, the one in Argentina is a ‘dual’ GP because it combines the extreme complication of reaching Termas de Rio Hondo - a small thermal city 1,000 north of Buenos Aires - with a unique atmosphere. Qatar has the night, Jerez the atmosphere, Assen the tradition... Termas GP has to be Argentina, an experience that cannot be found anywhere else.