MARC MÁRQUEZ       10    “Cum laude”
A perfect GP from Marquez in Buriram. His overtaking in turn 5 on the last lap was magnificent, and the way he dove for the lead when Dovizioso went long inside was another 5 star maneuver. Those two moves were the epitome of his race: outstanding bike control; masterful in holding that move as an ace up his sleeve … What a tremendous champion!

He lost the hand to hand combat with Marquez on the last lap, but not one thing can be criticized. Reaching the last corner of the race pressuring Marc is outstanding enough. “Dovi” continues to be generally undervalued, but pay attention to the data: in the last five races he has won two, and has been second and third twice. He not only continues to display perseverance, but has added speed to that. Bravo, Andrea.

He says he wouldn’t have changed a thing, but with a better start maybe he would have ended up fighting for victory with Marquez and Dovizioso. Even still, he finished 0.27 seconds behind the winner! In any case, it was a good weekend where we saw Maverick Viñales as he “should be.” It was a good dose of morale for him, despite the fact that after the race he appeared more like he was at a funeral than on a podium. Smile Maverick!

VALENTINO ROSSI               7
After the practices and the first part of the race, it seemed Rossi would at least be the first Yamaha rider to the finish line. But he ended up beaten by his teammate, which is always an unsavory way to finish. But the weekend in Thailand was one of his best in a long time.

JOHANN ZARCO                   7
As soon as the Yamaha found a place where it could be competitive, Zarco reappeared. He finished immediately behind the two official factory bikes which are far more evolved than his motorcycle which we don’t even know which year it is from. It was good to see the Frenchman up there again. And he knew how to hold off Rins on the last lap.

ALEX RINS                               7
Again Rins was the best in Suzuki finisher. Rins is progressing this season a lot as a rider. He has learned to fight hand to hand with the veterans, and recently has found a way to start well. He works without being influenced by his teammate’s explosive training who later in the race almost always burns out.

CAL CRUTCHLOW               5
At the beginning of the race he was up in the front group, but as soon as they increased the pace, he not only couldn’t keep up but was overtaken by many riders who came from behind. Much more was expected from the Briton.

ÁLVARO BAUTISTA              7
This was a GP for the veteran riders and Bautisa is a professional at this. He was the second Ducati finisher and (just) escaped Crutchlow’s wrath. That he has no ride for the next season is something that each race is less and less understandable.

DANILO PETRUCCI              4
A disappointing GP for the future #2 Ducati rider. With his weight and his way of riding so aggressively, he already has a difficult time, but starting from the middle of the grid it must be said makes things impossible for him.

JACK MILLER        4
Not only did he finish behind Bautista and his teammate, but finished far behind them. He was too aggressive in the first half of the race and his Michelins “floundered”. But this was something all the riders on the grid knew would happen and Jack is far from being a newbie.