The new Dani Pedrosa… don’t say we didn’t warn you (Part 1)

For this season, Dani Pedrosa has made revolutionary changes to his environment. A new manager, new crew chief, new mechanics, new assistant and the presence of Sete Gibernau in the garage as a track consultant... So far these changes have shown to be quite effective: much in his style—working away from the spotlight—Dani Pedrosa finished the 2017 preseason brilliantly.

Do you believe in this?… The Chinese horoscope prediction for the MotoGP top riders.

Some weeks ago the worldwide immense Chinese community celebrated the arrival of his New Year. In the Chinese horoscope 2017 is the the Year of the Rooster and one of our readers, Lee Meng Fei from Malaysia, has sent us the season predictions for the MotoGP top riders. Here they are...