Goal 364 points, in the mind of the team manager (3)

Preseason data, circuit history and above all, the events of the previous year, serve as the basis for the teams’ understanding as to which circuits may be more favorable, or at which they might suffer. At PecinoGP, we wanted get inside the riders’ and team managers’ minds to analyze how the season should go to reach the ultimate goal: the championship title... This is our table after 3 GPs.

“I don’t waste a minute thinking about the future”, Jorge Lorenzo

Despite his frustration with the first race of the season, Jorge prefers to look at it from the point of view of the glass half full. "It's not my opinion, it's a fact, and the numbers are there for anyone who wants to look: "The difference in the last laps before I had to throw away the bike had decreased by seven tenths".