Preseason data, circuit history and above all, the events of the previous year, serve as the basis for the teams’ understanding as to which circuits may be more favorable, or at which they might suffer. At PecinoGP, we wanted get inside the riders’ and team managers’ minds to analyze how the season should go to reach the ultimate goal: the championship title.

To do this, we have calculated the average of points per race that each champion from the last 20 years has obtained: 364. These are the points that, on paper, are needed at the end of the year to aspire to the title. We then awarded the eight favorite riders a result at each circuit based on their history at each, and in the case of Thailand, taking into account their performance in testing. The sum of each rider’s score add up to the 364 points that theoretically will be needed to win the title … This is our table after 3 GPs.