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5 09, 2018

Andrea, what’s going on?

He is clearly one of the fastest MotoGP riders - as evidenced, for example, by the fact that he is the only rider to never have gone through Q1 this season - but this ability to ride fast on a motorcycle has not materialize anything for him. He went out the back door of Ducati, Suzuki renounced him after being their reference rider for two years ...What’s going on?

5 09, 2018

“You ask whatever you want, I’ll answer”, Marc Marquez (Part 2)

As promised, here is the part 2 of Marc Marquez interview we published 48 hours ago. In the first delivery Marc spoke about his "insistent" relationship with the crashes, about Dovizioso's hesitant season, about his future with Jorge Lorenzo in the same garage, about what has meant the arrival of Alberto Puig in the Honda Repsol Team, etc. ... This second part isn't less interesting and relevant

2 09, 2018

“You ask whatever you want, I’ll answer”, Marc Marquez (Part 1)

The championship situation, his crashes, HRC’s difficult RCV, his relationship with Honda, Lorenzo’s arrival in his box next season, Yamaha’s Marquez veto… Marc Marquez not only didn’t avoid any of the subjects we raised, but, as always, he spoke clearly about each one of them…

31 08, 2018

Silverstone case: When democracy is not an option

What happened at Silverstone last Sunday? What led to the suspension of the GP? Who was responsible for the suspension? Could the embarrassing spectacle of leaving 50,000 spectators waiting in the rain for hours been avoided?

24 08, 2018

PecinoGP Betting House … UK GP /Silverstone

Silverstone: Dovizioso won last year on the Ducati; Lorenzo has a total of 3 wins, more than any of his rivals; Marquez has grabbed pole position 4 times; Viñales will be hard to beat as it’s his favorite circuit, where he had his first MotoGP win two years ago... So after all this evidence, why would we bet on Valentino?

17 08, 2018

Why it’s “mandatory” to have a former rider in the box

Mortals have good days and bad days, but riders never seem to. And that's when "the tires aren’t working," "the asphalt has no grip" and all the other explanations we have heard so many times. It's in these moments is when a ex rider has to look him in the eye and say "no, don’t make excuse". Because he, as a former racer, is the only one who the rider recognizes as an equal.

7 08, 2018

About the absence of Yamaha in the Viñales/Forcada conflict

It’s obvious that Yamaha has not managed the disagreement generated between Ramón Forcada and Maverick Viñales, or if you prefer, that Maverick Viñales has with Ramón Forcada. Perhaps it’s not an error in management, but the sense is that it simply was not “managed” until the issue turned into a crisis and gone beyond the scope of the team.

6 08, 2018

Explosive cyclogenesis in the Yamaha box

Definition: Explosive cyclogenesis is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs when a mass of hot air collides with another of cold air, generating devastating effects similar to those of a tropical cyclone. That is more or less the description of what happened last weekend on the left side of the Yamaha box, Maverick Viñales’s side

1 08, 2018

Hey Maverick, maybe the problem is an other one…

Viñales complains how difficult is to ride his Yamaha in the first part of the race with new tires and the full tank, but the truth is that between the time the traffic light goes out and the first turn is negotiated, Maverick has lost a total of 24 positions in these first 9 races. Maybe he has to look for the culprit somewhere else…

1 08, 2018

Suzuka 8 Hours … Racing in the 4th Dimension

It is the most important race of the season for the four Japanese factories, with their own technical regulation, with electronics MotoGP riders can only dream of, with four tire brands on the track ... the 8 Hours of Suzuka is in another dimension.