Some weeks ago the worldwide immense Chinese community celebrated the arrival of his New Year. In the Chinese horoscope 2017 is the the Year of the Rooster and one of our readers, Lee Meng Fei from Malaysia, has sent us the season predictions for the MotoGP top riders. Here they are…

Andrea Dovizioso – Tiger

In 2017, Tigers will gradually get onto the right track at work and solve work problems with the help of others. However, he will still need time to recover from the previous year’s bad luck. He will have satisfying interpersonal relationships and receive help from colleagues and friends. Also, he will be more thoughtful at work and not so impulsive but he should not underestimate any competitor. He will encounter enemies in unlikely place, especially at critical moments of promotion. In the latter half of the year, he will have better luck at work, so he should work seriously and responsibly and never act opportunistically.

Andrea Iannone – Snake

He won’t have any good opportunities for changes in the new year. Fortunately, he is improving his interpersonal relationships and getting help from others. He will see improvements in his income, but he will have even greater work pressure.

Marc Marquez – Rooster

Roosters will have very bad luck in 2017. Therefore, he should not make any major changes or big decisions in 2017; In addition, he will encounter many difficulties in the work environment; he could have conflicts with colleagues and leadership. Therefore he should think twice before making decisions and never make a decision out of impulse.

Jorge Lorenzo – Rabbit

In this year, he will face great challenges in terms of his career, such as being framed by enemies at work, working harder but earning less. In addition to taking the initiative to change at work, he should strive to use external resources to help him overcome difficulties, such as the strength and advice of relatives, friends, and colleagues.

Dani Pedrosa – Ox

Ox will have very good luck at work. His attitude toward work and his ability will be recognized by superiors. He should focus on his career this year and work efficiency will be greatly improved. His calm personality and down-to-earth attitude toward work will bring him stable career development in 2017, but he should beware of being vulnerable to the envy of enemies, especially his colleagues who have a direct competitive relationship or conflict of interest with him. Therefore, he should not believe everything people tell him at work and he should take care of important things by himself to prevent a loophole that can be exploited by others.

Valentino Rossi – Sheep

In 2017, he will have ordinary luck in his career and he may have various tough to solve problems. He will be relatively tired because he may meet with all sorts of unexpected problems and find himself in an isolated situation. For management and business, the whole team and company performance will decline due to the changeable market in this year, so he should take the initiative to seek change and innovation, open the market with new channels and methods, communicate more with external agents, listen to the opinions of coworkers, and keep up with the pace of time to lead the team to stand out in the fierce competition.

Maverick Viñales – Dog

Dogs will have overall positive luck in their career. He will have extremely good luck with benefactors and should make good use of interpersonal relationships to meet more friends from different walks of life to learn from. However, he should always beware of enemies stabbing him in the back. Male Dogs will have extremely good luck with benefactors and may gain many opportunities in career development once he has established interpersonal relationship with colleagues.