Last November 26th, the Dani Pedrosa Fan Club organized their annual dinner to share the end of the season with their idol. But this time, in their 6th edition of this dinner, someone special sat at one of the tables: Lee Meng Fei

Obviously with this name it isn’t difficult to guess from which part of the world Lee Meng Fei comes from. Malaysian with Chinese origins, Fei is with absolute certainty the most enthusiastic Dani Pedrosa follower in Asia. A “love” that began not so long ago, but it did not take much time to turn admiration in devotion.

“I like his character and sportsmanship. He never complains; I don’t see any rider in MotoGP with such character”.


“I followed Dani since the 2014 Czech Republic GP,” explained Lee asked about when it all began. “His body size attracted my attention. His is so small but is able to control and ride such a huge bike. I like his character and sportsmanship. He never complains, always works hard. And after he falls down, he gets up and wins again. I don’t see any rider in MotoGP with such character, at least not at the moment.”

Fei totally identifies with his idol. This young man from Johor Baru—a southern city in peninsula Malaysia, about 300 km distance from Kuala Lumpur—who makes his living as a quality surveyor in the oil and gas industry, decided that he absolutely had to attend the annual Fan Club dinner that is held in Barcelona.

Dani Pedrosa was quite surprised when he was told  there was an Asian man who had traveled all the way from Malaysia for his fan club dinner in Barcelona.

“I knew about this dinner event in 2015 through some of my Spanish friends on Facebook. I told myself I had to attend this event in 2016. And here I am, I came to Barcelona only because of Dani.” As you can imagine, Pedrosa was quite surprised when the fan club chairman told him there was an Asian man who had traveled all the way from Malaysia for the event. “He kept saying thank you to me; he is a very sincere and courteous guy,” explained Fei with emotion.

“It was the first time I saw Dani at an event. Before that I could only see his face on TV, so the yearend dinner is truly an unforgettable moment for me. I was so nervous at that he was standing in front of me.”


In the two years following Pedrosa, Lee has turned into somewhat of a catalyzer of Dani’s fans in the Far East. He has even created a fan page in Chinese language for Dani. “Yes of course! I always share my passion about Dani to others. In fact I created a Chinese language fan page about Dani and MotoGP. Because the Chinese media never pay attention to MotoGP, so I translated important news about Dani into Chinese to let Chinese MotoGP fans know more about him. Since I created the page in March this year until now, the page already has nearly 6000 likes. Quite a number of my readers started following Dani because of my page.”

Lee Meng Fei is also a passionate MotoGP follower and has absolutely no doubt that Dani’s best result is yet to come. “Of course, I still believe he may become world champion, I never doubted this. He has the talent and skills, why not? Of course, as I mentioned just now, his size is his main obstacle, so he has to contribute 200% of effort while others might only need 100%. And one more thing, his riding style needs to change a bit, he must be more aggressive. And furthermore, I’m desperate to see him move to a team other than Honda.”

I will come next year to the Catalunya race to give Dani full support”

His faith in Pedrosa is so great that he doesn’t see Marc Marquez as an obstacle: “Dani is good enough to challenge him. As for Valentino Rossi, he is a legend. I have endless admiration for him; his competitiveness is amazing. But I think his chance to get a 10th title is getting slimmer, because of his age. His own teammate, Viñales, and other competitors are getting stronger every year.”

After what was probably his most exiting dinner ever, the following day Meng Fei made his way to a special place he had to visit: the Dani Pedrosa Sport Center of Castellar del Vallés, Pedrosa’s small hometown. For someone from Malaysia on his first trip to Spain, getting there was not an easy feat, but nothing can stop Lee Meng Fei when Pedrosa is in the goal.

Before leaving Spain on his way back to Johor Baru, he sent a message: I will come next year to the Catalunya race to give Dani full support”