9 04, 2018

No Marc, there was no need

An out of control Marc Márquez took out Valentino Rossi again and in doing so reopened the turmoil from the 2015 season that affected our sport so negatively. Very serious are going to arise problems if no remedies are applied.

27 03, 2018

“I don’t waste a minute thinking about the future”, Jorge Lorenzo

Despite his frustration with the first race of the season, Jorge prefers to look at it from the point of view of the glass half full. "It's not my opinion, it's a fact, and the numbers are there for anyone who wants to look: "The difference in the last laps before I had to throw away the bike had decreased by seven tenths".

27 03, 2018

In the mind of the team manager

We are used to hearing riders say things like: "This race was marked red on the calendar," "We knew we were going to suffer here," "This was better than we expected", etc. But how do they really plan for the season?

15 03, 2018

Quote with the story: Marc Marquez’s challenges

The youngest rider to win a GP, the youngest to be MotoGP champion, the rider with the most victories in a single season ... the list of Marc Márquez's records seems to have no end ... What are his challenges? Does he still have any goals to be achieved?

13 03, 2018

How riders manage the avalanche of data they work with

The preseason means weeks of evaluating subjective sensations, analyzing mathematical data of the telemetry, listening to the observations of the track coach, and reviewing video images from every angle. MotoGP riders receive an avalanche of inputs that theoretically should help them go faster. How do they manage all this information?

13 03, 2018

“I have a one year contract, so I have to do things correctly”, Scott Redding

Scott Redding is the new kid on the Aprilia block. The Brit has a one year contract with the Noale factory, and as he stated in the headline, he knows he has to give his very best over the next nine months. 2018 will be his 11th year in the World Championship, but the first time that he will start the season as a full factory rider.

20 02, 2018

Who pays for “the party”?

How much does a MotoGP team cost? How much does DORNA earn? How can is financed the worlwide show that is MotoGP today? Finding answers to questions to how to fund the World Championship paddock is impossible. As soon as the word "money" is mentioned, all mouths immediately close.

20 02, 2018

MotoGP, a 300 million euro show

As much as it hurts the purists to admit it, MotoGP is now more a entertainment show than a sport. MotoGP has turned into a major performance in sporting event format which expands daily. Requests to organize races accumulating on the desk of DORNA.