MotoGP Eng

21 07, 2018

Dani, the elusive Champion

A title can become an obsession, especially when the rider has the merits to achieve it. Dani Pedrosa will finish at the end of the season his racing career lacking a MotoGP crown, but many still consider him a champion.

18 07, 2018

The rush to sign Fabio Quartararo: haven’t we learned anything?

There is no one who "understands motorcycling" that disagrees: Quartararo has the talent to go fast on a motorcycle. But I don’t understand the urgency to close Fabio Quartararo as a second rider for Team SIC Petronas Yamaha, especially with the recent examples of Zarco, Viñales and Lorenzo.

17 07, 2018

What’s going on with Zarco?

He has practically disappeared off the map. After a powerful start to the championship that led him to two seconds in Argentina and Jerez and to appear at Le Mans as the top favorite for victory, Johann Zarco seems to have dissolved like snow in the heat.

12 07, 2018

PecinoGP Betting house … Germany

Marquez has been winning at Sachsenring for eight consecutive years: this weekend he is the favorite more than anything because his rivals have had the opposite of the success Honda has had here.

7 07, 2018

Valentino Rossi’s new revolution is in progress

For Valentino, there is no mercy when his results are at stake. Valentino races to win. If he doesn’t win he doesn’t enjoy racing. If doesn’t win he does anything and everything to get back to winning…anything.

15 06, 2018

PecinoGP Betting House… Catalonia GP

Can Lorenzo repeat his Mugello victory on a track where he has five wins, or will it be Dovizioso who repeats the triumph he had here last year? Will Márquez return to a run of victories that last saw him win three consecutive races? Can Rossi repeat the win he had here in 2016? Will Viñales return to the top as he did in testing three weeks ago?

1 06, 2018

PecinoGP Betting house… Italian GP, Mugello

Here we go... The Italian GP to be held in Mugello this weekend is one of the most exciting races of the calendar and a very special boost for the local riders who give it all in front of their enthusiastic fans. Here is our bet for the winners in three classes. Good luck and if you win, don't forget to send us some ;-)

24 05, 2018

Jorge Lorenzo faces the toughest challenge of his sporting career

Jorge Lorenzo has less and less room for maneuvering; at this point he has nearly no room left. The Spanish three times MotoGP world champion must first demonstrate that he is capable of being consistently competitive on the Desomosedici... and his time is drastically running out.