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21 07, 2018

Dani, the elusive Champion

A title can become an obsession, especially when the rider has the merits to achieve it. Dani Pedrosa will finish at the end of the season his racing career lacking a MotoGP crown, but many still consider him a champion.

14 03, 2018

“We will be much closer than last year!”, Aleix Espargaró

2018 will be his 14th season in the World Championship, and that has raced on five different types of bikes in MotoGP. With this history, one can imagine that Aleix is a guy who has turned races into a 9 to 5 job. But when it comes to talking about motorcycles, the Catalan rider does it with the intensity and passion of a youngster

7 01, 2017

The tough task of tire testing

Since the commencement of a single MotoGP tire supplier, tire development work has become much more basic. The strenuous testing of the past is history and riders no longer have to undertake such ungrateful work.