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29 09, 2017

Suzuki MotoGP… or when you hit rock bottom

After the promising 2016 season, the MotoGP Suzuki project seemed to be on rails. But so far 2017 has been extremely frustrating. But aside from bad results, the worst part of the Suzuki crisis is the manifest lack of harmony between the parties that need to work together to move the project forward.

22 07, 2017

Hey Miguel, what the hell are you doing here?!”

As the only Portuguese rider in the championship, Miguel Oliveira is a rare bird. Until his arrival to the World Championship in 2011, Portugal had never been represented by one of its riders in the more than 60 years of the championship’s existence.

20 07, 2017

A religion called Ducati

If you are not Italian, it’s likely difficult to understand some of the things you’ll read in this article. It is unusual that someone leaves his home, the environment in which he has been raised, his friends, everything, to emigrate following the call of a passion that has become a religion.

28 06, 2017

Thank God for Dovizioso!

Paradoxically, what at this point is clearly a crisis that was not expected -read here Lorenzo's adaptation problems-, it’s diluted in the best Ducati start of the World Championship we’ve seen in the last 8 years.

28 06, 2017

Nobody can beat Marc Márquez at the Sachsenring

Márquez has accumulated seven consecutive victories at Sachsenring and started from the pole position in all of them. Undoubtedly, Marc is a master of the German circuit. If he wins this weekend, he will become the second rider in history to win the same GP for eight straight years.

15 06, 2017

Why we all like Johann Zarco

He has no tattoos, he doesn’t walk around with sunglasses or a personalized cap; he doesn’t tweet, he does not smile to look nice, he doesn’t even use mobile phone... People say he is shy, it is not true: Johann Zarco is discreet, different.