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First, we’d like to let you know that if you are here, you are probably one of us.

pecinogp.com is a meeting point for enthusiasts of motorbikes, motorsport and life on 2 wheels in general. Here is a place to share your passion.

You will find articles, interviews, analysis, reflections and curiosities on interesting happenings within motorcycling worldwide, and always from a serious and independent approach.

At pecinogp.com, we don’t write from hearsay or just repeat rumors. “It is said”, “rumor has it” or “it seems” are sentences prohibited at this platform. We are here to give answers, not to perpetuate questions.

Being physically present in the places and events we write about, in addition to our long professional experience, permits us to write, describe and judge with expertise and criterion.

pecinogp.com is a no flag, no border community. Here it doesn’t matter from which part of the world you are in or where you are from. Luckily, today’s motorcycling community is as global as the passion for motorcycles we share.

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