MotoGP: Valentino Rossi

No, we haven’t gone crazy, or maybe not totally crazy. Actually we’re heading to a track where Dovizioso won last year on the Ducati; where Lorenzo has a total of 3 wins, more than any of his rivals, and where last year he finished closer to the winner than he had done until then; where Marquez has grabbed pole position 4 times and last year his fight for victory was thwarted because his Honda engine broke. In addition to all this, we’re taking into account the fact that Yamaha has not won a race since the Dutch GP last year, are coming from a race in Austria where their riders were far from the top positions, and the engineers are still apologizing for not being able to solve a problem that causing them problems. But if the Yamahas manage go well here, Viñales will be hard to beat as it’s his favorite circuit, where he had his first MotoGP win two years ago, and last year he finished ahead of his teammate. Valentino has only won once in Silverstone, in a wet race and nearly lost to Petrucci. So after all this evidence, why would we bet on Valentino?

Silverstone: Dovizioso won last year on the Ducati; Lorenzo has a total of 3 wins, more than any of his rivals; Marquez has grabbed pole position 4 times; Viñales will be hard to beat as it’s his favorite circuit, where he had his first MotoGP win two years ago… So after all this evidence, why would we bet on Valentino?

In his race here last year, he led 17 of the 20 laps which makes us think that this time he’ll be back at the front. The British layout rewards powerful engines and this is where Ducati had an advantage that gave them the victory in 2017, but linking corners and slow turns predominate the track and with these the Yamaha is comfortable. With the way the races have been going, we expect a group at the front and we expect that group to be from Movistar. Rossi was on the verge of a podium at Assen, a circuit with a succession of corners and braking similar to those that we’ll see this weekend, and we saw the Italian was comfortable with this kind of layout. The start he had in Austria, his great comeback, the spirit of never giving up (his best asset), and although he remains second in the Championship, he knows that his goal is a win. Meanwhile Marc can’t open title hopes to a Ducati rider all of whom will fight for victory in the 8 remaining races.

One last piece of information for statistics lovers. Lorenzo has won the same 3 races that Dovizioso won last year, so if he were to continue this pattern, he should win at Silverstone.

Moto2: Alex Marquez

This is not the season Álex Márquez dreamed of, he hasn’t scored points in the last two GPs and thus waves goodbye to his chances for the title. But now without any pressure, he can finish the great race he had last year until he crashed. Alex is fast at Silverstone, fast enough to escape on his own, something that both Bagnaia and Oliveira would not like as they are aiming for something bigger – they will be in MotoGP next year and don’t know when they may be in a position to fight for a title again. Last year did not go well for either the Italian or to the Portuguese, although KTMs development had not yet reached a point where they were really competitive, so this time they will be fighting at the front for sure. Another rider to consider is Pasini, who likes Silverstone, the opposite of Mir who considers this one of his most despised tracks. Marini must be taken into consideration between now and the end of the season. Since he climbed the podium for the first time in Germany, he has had three consecutive podiums and last year he was competitive on this track.

Moto3: Jorge Martin

There is a big difference between Jorge Martín and the rest of the competitors. It looks like he could win all the races from now until the end of the season. In fact, he’s won 5 races and in his last GP he had been fresh out of an operation. In Argentina he rushed his tire change, and the remaining races he crashed out of. He is the fastest in this field by far. Last year, the race was stopped prematurely due to a red flag, depriving us of a great finish. As always, we trust Canet to oppose Martín—winner in 2017—but when it comes down to it he always lacks something and one of those things is the engine. This is quite the opposite of Bezzecchi, who will be able to take advantage of his higher top speed. If we look at the past, the Argentinean Rodrigo offered us his best version in 2017, showing that this track is good for him and he’ll certainly be returning to battle.